A memory and tragedy. A labyrinth of self-knowledge. A museum and the monument. A big topic which is hard to describe in several sentences. Self-reflection in a confrontation with the history of the Second world war. Piety mainly for Czech Jewish victims who started to be deported from Praha-Bubny in 1941. Together about 50,000 Jews. The architecture form gives you the opportunity to find in your own way your current life position and idea about this tragedy. Architecture and the proposal of the way it gives to the visitor are open. It is not full of symbolism - it tries to lead an internal discussion between you and the topic. So generally the proposal is like a big monument, which communicates with the old station building. It is surrounded it with new meanings and stops on the retrospective way hidden in the ground in the shadow of the history and also the contemporary social situation - new building. Sometimes it shows above the ground (chapel) and the original railway sleepers.


Status The school project

Place Prague-Bubny (Czech Republic)

Supervisor doc. Ing. arch. Miroslav Cikán (mca-atelier.com)

With Ing. arch. Matěj Nepustil, Ing. arch. Tomáš Minarovič

Year 2014